Argumentative Essay On The American Dream

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If any American were inquired about what they worry about the most, many would respond with something that had to do with their future. Some may say they hope to achieve their most sought after goals. Others may desire to have their own home, good schools for their children, or they might say they want the American Dream. However, a mix of politics and social well-being has stirred into an argument on whether or not the American Dream stills exists or if it is even obtainable by the average citizen. As America has progressed over time its residents have divided themselves over this topic. On one side of this debate, individuals believe the American Dream is only obtainable by the upper class, and is fueled by a greedy government. On the other…show more content…
They supplement their statement with studies that display how opportunities have increased for Americans. Performed In the early 1900s, this research showed how parents believed their daughters did not have many career opportunities. In the early 2000s, those numbers soared, and parents now believe this nation has provided not only their daughters, but everyone else with better education, jobs, and futures (Bowman, Marsico, & Sims). Furthermore, they express how America has developed into an extremely technologically advanced nation that requires extra training and education from all employees (Bowman, Marsico, & Sims). I agree with this side that the U.S. has provided Americans with overall acceptable education and other aid programs. I also believe that this advancement in education will progress as America becomes more advanced. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is more advanced nations may become more unequal, and the American Dream will become harder to obtain, however, this is expected in a developing world, and has happened throughout America’s
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