Argumentative Essay On Texting

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Whether we like it or not texting has become one of, if not the most, common way to communicate and to interact with people on a daily basis. This electronic development within American culture is truly shaping the way we act, think, and communicate with one another. As a society we take this technology for granted; especially if we have grown up with it for most of our lives like I have. We People use texting in place of face to face contact interactions when we they should be doing quite the opposite. Our ability to text is more detrimental to our society than beneficial because we have become too dependent on texting, it offers a less valuable conversation rather than face to face, and texting disengages us from reality. Texting would not…show more content…
Just about anyone who has a cell phone has taken it out and looked at it just to hide themselves at one point. It is completely normal to do and that is part of the problem. We separate ourselves with our phones and it is not as rude as it would be to get up and walk out of the room but it is essentially the same thing. Marissa Harrison performed a study in where she did an observation on when college kids decide to text and what are they doing when they’re texting. Within Harrison’s research she points out “Almost all our subjects report sending texts to others while hanging out with friends or when they are in the midst of being helped by service personnel. In addition, most participants use text messaging while they were on dates, with nearly half admitting to texting someone they were interested in romantically while they were on a date with someone else” (516). Our phones are controlling how we act around others and are distracting us from actuality. This is not a problem people really think is affecting our culture because we find it socially acceptable to do so. Thomas Holtgraves also conducted a research/survey where he studied people’s texting behavior and stated “In this study people sent more texts when others were present than when they were alone” (97). As soon as some people get bored or fade out when they are listening to someone they decide to take out their phone. Society sometimes uses texting as a form of escaping from what is going on around
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