Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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Adolescent Pregnancy “Each year more than 200,000 females in the United States have a child before their eighteenth birthday” (Santrock, 2012, Pg. 207). Today, it is rare for adolescents to get married before the age of twenty-five and pregnancy is also no longer seen as a reason for two people to get married. These two factors are partially responsible for the increased trend of adolescent pregnancy in today’s society. Another factor that increases the risk of adolescent pregnancy is the fact that American adolescents and adults are inaccurately informed about sex information. Adolescent pregnancy has many risk factors and consequences, but there are a few possible strategies on how to reduce pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy can have short and long term negative consequences for both the parents and the child. Some of the consequences that can affect the parents include living in poverty, increased rate of alcohol abuse, and other health risks. When an adolescent becomes pregnant, it has a significant impact on their education and future outcomes.…show more content…
Since adolescents can get information about sex from many different sources, it is important for them to learn about it from professionals. By providing a high quality program, adolescents can learn about the serious risk factors and how it can affect their lives in both long and short-term ways. Family Education programs can include a strategy known as Baby Think It Over doll, which is a lifesize machine powered doll that allows adolescents to have the opportunity to experience what it would be like to have the role of a parent at such a young age. This strategy helps adolescents understand that a baby can get in the way of their plans for the future, and can help them make better choices. Contraceptives are also an option for teenagers. They are available at health clinics that provide high quality health

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