Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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The Hardship In Love Although teenage pregnancy rate in USA have decreased recently, it remains a serious social issue with long-term effects. For example, a teenage mother could raise children alone and stay unmarried for decades, which is not suggested a complete and healthy family structure for child growing (Sedgh et al, 2015). Pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers are often have more problems in education and social relations than their peers, so that many of these schoolgirls have left schools and their friends. Teenage pregnancy also caused health problems to both mothers and babies, that have to be covered for much expense. Therefore, teenage pregnancy has effects in educational, economic, and medical aspects of the lives of teenage…show more content…
A large percentage of teenage births occur in low-income families, which has pulled many federal funds in the issue, because babies of low-income families would eventually need taxpayer-supported benefits, particularly if the parents do not have good jobs to pay educations for their children (Clemmitt, 2010). According to The National Campaign (2016), federal funding streams for teenage pregnancy prevention sum up to approximately $280 million annually, which is sufficient to help less than two percent of teens in America. Even though US government spend much money on preventing teenage pregnancy, it has not made significant improvement to the situation and many of pregnant schoolgirls and teenage mothers could not receive any big help from US government. Moreover, Teenage pregnancy is also considered as the major cause of child poverty in USA (Burt, 1999). The higher teenage pregnancy rates are, the higher child poverty appear. If this trend continues, social instabilities and the wealth gap would become bigger. In addition, fathers of the children do not often help the mothers. Clemmitt (2010) points out that 80 percent of teen fathers do not marry to the mothers of their first child; Most situations end up with single mothers raising the child, and sometimes a mother has more than three children. The economic and social pressure on teenage mothers are enormous, and the pressure would finally “destroy her life”, thus it leads to serious health
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