Argumentative Essay On Tackle Football

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When looking for an argumentative visual I wanted to do something over a topic that was one day going to relate to me. So I chose the topic of young male children playing tackle football. In this PBS Learning Media documentary, a group of doctors persuasively discuss the effects of allowing a male child under the age of fourteen to play tackle football and the head injuries it can cause as well as the later effective of their growth they can encounter if a hard blow to the head was the happen. The documentaries argument clearly stated that allowing your children to play tackle before the age of fourteen is dangerous and should be avoided for the child 's safety. The film also successfully utilized many rhetorical appeals that convinces parents to reconsider their idea of allowing their son to participate in tackle football. The first rhetorical appeal used in the film was pathos, it was a video clip of a child on the ground hurt because of a hard hit to the head. Another rhetorical appeal used was logos when they interviewed doctors from highly respected fields to state their factual…show more content…
Peter Daves a Neuroscientist from Feinstein Institute, presents the negotiating opposing view by presenting questions that are needing to be found such as “How many brain traumas do you need to get CTE, is this something everyone will get if they have enough brain traumas”(Ph. D. Daves) these questions bring up the need to find answers on to when or how many tackles it can take to create a brain trauma or CTE. Frontline’s choice to add his questioning created a topic of discussion for the film. It allows the viewer to reflect and think about if it is worth letting their son play in the risk of not knowing the answer to his questions. By having the opposing view question M.D. Ann Mckee’s helps the argument become stronger because it creates the “what if” scenario for the viewer, questioning if it is worth putting their son in danger if all the risk are
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