Argumentative Essay On Study Drugs

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At first, doctors thought that Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder affected mostly young and teenage boys. Recent studies in the past few years have proven that males and females of all ages have been diagnosed with ADHD. This disorder is very common and is very manageable. To treat individuals with ADHD medical stimulants, such as amphetamines is prescribed. These medications are highly sought after by many students to help them perform on testing and completing assignments. The students want the drugs because of the pressure of being academically successful. The use of so they can have on students without a prescription. The use of study drugs without a prescription is illegal and can be considered a form of cheating. Individuals with…show more content…
There are some situations where people may think the used of students are fitting. For example, if you had a child, a full time job, and you were a full time student you may not have time to plan your study hours. You could find yourself caught up between work and raising a child and not have time until the night before to crank out a paper. These students would think it is a justified situation to use study drugs in that circumstance. Then again, many people feel that what they do out of school shouldn’t matter towards their grade. They do not see using study drugs as an unfair advantage. Note, it is still illegal to use these drugs without a prescription and it is still a health risk. But, I will say most people do not think of the health risk before taking the medicine, they are thinking about getting a good grade. There is not much reason to justify the use of illegally using study drugs. The major problem here is that the usage of the drugs is not considered important to many people. Because who cares what you do to get the grade, you technically are not cheating in the classroom which are what most universities actually
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