Argumentative Essay On Student Debt

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From the time they enter high school, American students are conditioned to believe that pursuing a higher education is necessary to their success. Advanced classes and extracurricular activities are justified as being preparation for the future. However, as colleges continue to raise costs, it has become practically infeasible to expect young adults and their families to pay for an education out of pocket. Although student loans are available, they are extremely difficult to pay off quickly, so students are leaving school with thousands of dollars in debt, often without employment. Receiving a college education, a vital tool in today’s society, now presents an economic crisis to recent graduates in the form of student loan debt that threatens the financial security of the future workforce as well as the rest of the American population. In 2012, 71% of those graduating from a four-year school had some form of student loan debt, with an average debt of $29,400. When students are burdened with this massive debt, it impairs their ability to be active contributors to the…show more content…
Like so many other high school students, the exorbitant cost of higher education is not something I or my family are financially prepared for, and yet it is required for the careers I wish to pursue. As a result, I will inevitably attend a school that may not prepare me for my future as adequately as another due to cost. I know that among my peers, several will not be able to attend college or will choose not to because of the financial instability caused by earning a degree. As a culture that considers such degrees as a prerequisite for working, it is only logical to provide a more reasonable way to achieve
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