Argumentative Essay On Street Children

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“In the eyes of too many people, street children are not even human, and so they are dispatched in much the same way one would step on a cockroach” (Latin 281). This is not a productive way to view such a large group of children, especially since they populate much of the poorer cities and areas. There are approximately 40,000 children who live in the streets throughout just Mexico City. Also, both Sao Paolo and Bogota contain similar amounts of street children, somewhere in the tens of thousands. This brings up the question, how do such a large amount of street children appear? It is doubtful that this is the case as the creation of public housing and other various forms of urban planning foster an environment that supports such a large quantity of street children.…show more content…
While it may be true that the government did provide these people with an option to get an education, the argument breaks down when you look at the effects that an underfunded school can have on people. Without proper funds, schools are left without the basics found in most modern education systems, textbooks and other materials to assist learning. When faced with the question on how can better funded schools provide a better experience to students, several authors resonate that “Better-funded school districts can attract teachers with higher levels of education, more experience, and higher scores on competency tests; these teachers, in turn, seem to generate better achievement scores among students” (Biddle & Berliner) With better achievement from students, there is a less likely chance that they are going to turn to crime or even become retail salesmen on the streets like the previous generations had. This proves that education does have a positive effect on poverty and that if it was funded properly that it could
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