Forced Fun Essay

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Forced Fun When asked about childhood, many people would think about the sports they played when they were younger. Whether it was an organized team or playing in the back yard, almost every child has some sort of sport background. Sports are very important to many people, but the safety has been an issue lately. Even though many critiques say that sports are dangerous and detrimental to health, they are necessary for a child’s healthy mind, body, and character. According to the Aspen Institute, “In 2008, 30.2% of youth ages 6 to 12 were active to a healthy level through sports, organized or unstructured; by 2015, that number had dropped to 26.6% . . .” (“Facts: Sports Activity and Children”). Most children want to be involved in sports and be active, but recently, parents have been concerned with safety and stopped children from being involved. Through sports, children build healthy bodies and improve brain function. The…show more content…
Regular physical activity that playing sports provides helps children develop in many ways. Building and maintaining healthy bones, regulating weight, and overall health are only a few good things that playing sports provides. It has also been associated with the reduced risk of multiple types of cancer. There are educational benefits to playing sports as well. Organized sports help kids develop and improve thinking skills like concentrating and attention span, along with boosting grades and standardized test scores. Children who play sports when they are younger are most likely going to play in high school teams. It has been shown that athletes in high school are more likely to attend college than non-athletes. This even extends to the workplace. People that are higher up in businesses have said that sports have attributed to their success. Important skills like leadership and teamwork are taught to children earlier in their development if sports are played at a young age (The Aspen
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