Argumentative Essay On Solar Energy

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Julie D’Agostino
Mrs. Shipe
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13 March 2014
Solar Energy, Beneficial to All Users
Many people question how energy is obtained. The question consists of where it comes from, how it is used, and if it will ever run out. The general American uses types of energy that come from fossils that have been in the earth for millions of years. Fossil fuels have been used for as long as people can remember and are continued to be used in today’s society. Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources, which means they are impossible to gain back once used up. Although these fossil fuels have supplied energy to the majority of the United States for many years, the supply of them is diminishing and a new solution needs to come about. Sustainable energy is the energy of the future. These types of energy can be reused over and over again due to the form in which they come in. Many forms of sustainable energy are effective; however, solar energy provides the most beneficial aspects through financial and environmental methods for the United States.
Solar energy is a new concept that many are not familiar with, therefore, comprehending can be challenging. After a long attempt to discover how to use the sun's energy, scientists discovered solar panels that will absorb the rays that can be used to produce energy. "The sun supplies us with about 20,000 times the energy we can actually use" (“Solar Energy,” Earth Explorer). Solar energy is a leading form of sustainable energy which is used around the world to supply heat and electricity to homes. On the smaller scale solar energy can be used to recharge a phone, supply a calculator with power and run many other things. Solar energy can be an avenue to many advances fr...

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... lead to many advantages in the future.
Solar energy exists all over the world and by using the sun to produce energy that can impact the users. This type of energy has not always been used to its full advantage and now it can be. Solar energy is the obvious choice for the United States to start using more because of its financial benefits that lead to reduced electric bills and jobs. Also solar energy is an asset because of the environmental services it allows. With having no byproducts and no waste solar energy leads to a more green world. The supporters of solar energy are very widely spread from state representative to the makers of the solar panels. Another set of supporters are the schools who use solar energy for many ways to benefit their school. Solar energy has a guaranteed future that could change that entire way in which society looks at energy.
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