Argumentative Essay On Social Media

Starting my annotated bibliography project, I thought of what important technologies have been used throughout the past twenty years that have played a large role in society, everyday. Without question, Media in the news has been growing for more than twenty years, and has been used almost everyday.In the past, that was newspapers, radio broadcasts, and word of mouth. Today, online social networking services such as RSS, television, online newspapers and magazines, Twitter and Facebook has paved paths for how we get our news and how that news is covered. This in turn, leads to more having access to news, and allows events and news to grow faster than ever, reaching more people than ever. Within my topic, I will be researching scholar based…show more content…
In turn, this material can be shared faster online than being broadcasted or written about by a large media outlet. In an instance, people can exchange multiple facts, opinions, and information within on these social media sites. Therefore, is the news switching from the typical large media outlet news, to a more third party user based news source on social media, as technology advances?

News organizations and reporters have been quick to adopt Twitter for an obvious reason: Its speed and brevity make it ideal for pushing out scoops and breaking news to Twitter-savvy readers. The Oregonian in Portland may have been the mainstream media pioneer in this regard; it began posting its own links and aggregating citizen tweets about flooding and road closures during heavy storms in central Oregon in late 2007, when Twitter barley had 500,000 users nationwide.
(Farhi 2009)
Fahri bases his whole entire article about Twitter, and explain many points about Twitter.
He touches on how journalists can seem to reach more people through Twitter and social media networking in general. Fahri also explains how and why Twitter can reach the older

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