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Most people think that social media is purely for enjoyment and has no lasting negative consequences, but in fact social media is the root of many problems. An article written by Sam Biddle titled “Facebook is Killing Friendships and Causing Fist Fights” states that 3 percent of adults and 8 percent of teens have gotten into physical altercations stemming from arguments online. In order to prevent problems in the lives of teenagers, it is the job of the parents to regulate and be involved with their children’s postings on social media. Social Media includes any form of electronic communication that allows people to create profiles and partake in online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content, yet in recent years it has developed many other uses amongst teenagers (Merriam Webster dictionary). Teenagers worldwide now log onto Twitter and Facebook to share fight videos and post all of the latest gossip, hence why unrestricted social media usage has led to an increase in fighting among teenagers both online and in person. This is where the role of the parents comes into play, parents should strive to provide a supervised environment for their kids to interact and socialize while stilling enjoying themselves. Fights begin when naturally impulsive and susceptible to peer pressure, as stated by Dr. Clarke-Pearson in the article, post comments without fully thinking through the repercussions and often hurting those that the comments are aimed at. Many people may argue that children are children and they will freely express their opinions regardless, thus not making social media the sole cause of this. Others also argue that regardless of how much a parent watches their children’s actions, the child w... ... middle of paper ... ...type. This would lead to a decrease in fights, being that most children’s behavior will change when parental guardians are present and aware. Children are often known not only for fighting with and insulting their peers through social networking, but also for forgetting the consequences. Online postings are permanent, which is why it is necessary for parents to be up to date on technology to provide an easier way to view what exactly it is their child post in a less frustrating manner. “Remind your child that social rules apply online… Explain that it comes down to how [he or] she wants to portray [themselves] to the world, and that once something is online, it's hard to make it go away. [Make it known that] ‘everything your child posts is…going to be there forever’…Colleges and employers check social networking sites and do Google searches on applicants” (Stewart).

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