Argumentative Essay On Social Change

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I really like Linh Do she had a unique way of getting her point across and she didn’t try to elaborate on social norms as like she said its unique for all of us and it hit home about what she said about the fork in the road because I had to make the same decision and my parents didn’t pressure me to do any of the above when I graduated. I got told that I should start making a decision about my future but I wasn’t given the ultimatum of go to college or get out of the house. I was glad that these were not thrust upon me and having the freedom to choose was one that I think made me a better person and gave me the chance to choose my path and make my own mistakes which I think were important in me becoming the person that I am today. I think…show more content…
I didn’t change a million lightbulbs but I think that I helped a little bit by shining my light on a few other people. I love the analogy by Jon Mann where he said as individuals we are going to need a bigger boat it strikes to the heart of social change as we don’t need large groups to implement change on the social front we need small likeminded and motivated people to take charge and take little bites out of it. I know that change is not easy but I try to influence everyone I meet on a daily basis and I think that just saying Hi to everyone you pass on the street makes people a little more at ease and just giving people the benefit of the doubt because not everyone is the stereo typical person that we make them out to…show more content…
Thelma Golden had an artist as an influence that I wrote a paper on his name was Jean Michel Basquiat and his art had a very real feeling to me and his art was also about expression of black struggle and wealth vs poverty as well as integration or segregation which really opened my eyes to these social problems it’s amazing to see what the artist sees when you are looking at their work he was a great artist that was taken long before his time. I think that artists can be a catalyst for change as it has done me a great deal of good taking the art course this semester and coupling that with a diversity course has really taught me to see people in a different light and look at what artists are doing to do their part and this can be a change situation as the way people express themselves can have great effect on our future by making us look at the situation from another angle and see the struggles and triumphs that these artist portray. I think these works can force us to have open and honest communication about race and other social

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