Argumentative Essay On Smart Phones

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Introduction & Research Question: In the past decade smartphones have gone from luxury items reserved for business professionals to everyday items owned by seemingly everyone. As popularity has risen for smartphones so has their functionality. As social media has risen it has become interconnected with smartphones, making them an even greater source of time consumption and entertainment. Texting and social media usage on smartphones has increased for young adults to levels that many experts consider concerning (cite this). With the question of the role and influence of smartphones so relevant in the world today, I plan to examine the role of smartphones in my own life by going an entire day without using my cell phone for anything besides…show more content…
DiDonato examines how texting, once a supplemental aspect of personal relationships, has now taken on a larger role, and the potential consequences and benefits that accompany this shift. DiDonato documents the steady rise of text based communication in romantic relationships, explaining that this trend is most prevalent in young people, between the ages of seventeen and twenty five. Texting does pose some advantages, especially to those who have a more difficult time with face to face interactions. Texting does not require spontaneity and is void of non verbal signs of nervousness like a shaky voice. Texting also simplifies interactions that can often be complex face to face. Texting in relationships is also accompanied by frustrations within relationships, such as a sense of overdependence on mobile communication, or a sense of distance created by less personal communication. How texting affects relationships varies by couple and across gender. DiDonato states that high amounts of texting in a relationship lead to greater satisfaction for women, while it can lead men to feel trapped and unsatisfied. This article expresses the advantages and disadvantages of the rise of text communication in romantic
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