Argumentative Essay On Single Mothers

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One in three kids today in America are being raised without a father; an average of fifteen million children (America’s Families & Living Arrangements, 2013). Now the numbers are very high which makes single mothers very common in America today. A mother has a lot of pressure on herself to maintain the child, not just physically, but emotionally as well. It’s her duty to provide the child with a stable home, food, and clothing. In addition she must play both mother and father roles, give necessary attention, love, affection, and maintain a job to provide a good income. In 2013, seventy-seven percent of single parents were single mothers, and eighty-five percent of the children living with a single parent were living with their mother…show more content…
They drop their children off at school to make sure they attend, they sit and help their children with homework, and they talk about college and how the child can accomplish his/her goals.
My mother is a single mother to my little brother and although she works really hard, she manages to help my brother out with his homework in the evenings while she makes dinner and she assures that his homework is all complete. She manages to walk him to school every day, pick him up whenever she cans, and ask how his day was. Lastly, she manages to encourage him and support him in anything he wants to be.
I understand not every single mother has the opportunity my mother has, but little things such as walking or driving your child to school or going over their homework becomes a huge impact. They will see that education does matter. That education is necessary to become someone. Instead of being only a single mother, they should become proud single mothers, because they took both father a and mother roles, raised a child solo, and gave the child an opportunity to become something they will one day be proud
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