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The mother will be affected because being an African American single mother, that already leads to half of the opportunities for any other race and gender. The mother is already at a disadvantage in receiving an education, financial support, and emotional support than other races. The whole “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” saying is quite irrelevant to these African American women. They have such a history of hard work in their past, and yet these single moms are treated inadequately. The idea of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps for a single African American mother would ideally mean getting an education because that is one of the main ways to increase your status. Although, single moms are already working minimum wage jobs, sometimes…show more content…
The writer doesn’t specifically know an African American single mom, but knows a Caucasian single mother. The woman became a single mother when her oldest boy was 8 and the youngest girl was 6. The children are actually the writer’s cousins. The writer saw their family struggle financially and saw the kids struggle in school. The kids are very smart and they are also very quiet. It was a situation where they are still close to the father, but in high school they always lived with mom because they were a block away. Their mom worked a full time job 35 minutes from where they lived, and also a part time job in town. They struggled socioeconomically, comparable to the African American single moms. These kids didn’t get involved in crime or drugs, but they were very shy and one of them is actually openly gay. They were picked on and bullied for not having the nicest things, as well as for being quiet. It kind of goes hand in hand that mom is trying to make ends meet, and the kids are kind of on their own struggling with not a lot of…show more content…
Divorce for Caucasians and African Americans seems to be a lot more accepted than it once had been. There are so many struggles with divorce like role confusion, behavioral, depression, and psychological issues. These issues are often magnified through a certain race, culture, or socioeconomic class. Lower classes or races struggle even more with single parenthood because of lack of opportunities and the cycle they keep falling into. It makes us wonder why divorce is becoming more common and what the underlying factors are. Through doing this research it helps put into place how African American single parent households are struggling, and what little room for improvement they are provided with. This research has shown more negative outcomes of African American single mother’s compared to the dominant culture single family households. It really seems like a circle that continues through each

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