Argumentative Essay On Sexual Slavery

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Someone who forces you to silence your voice is like silencing your soul; thus, makes you wear a fake mask so that society does not see that you are breaking inside, full of fears that cover your life. This is how the victims of human trafficking feel every day. They hide or do not speak because they feel that no one will believe them or are afraid of being abused. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery, there is more slavery now than ever recorded in human history. Human trafficking happens every day in plain sight and behind closed doors. Many of these victims are sold, brought here illegally or legally and even kidnapped. The victim 's mental stability is not valence because most of their life they experience other abuse. Human trafficking…show more content…
If asking people about human trafficking, ultimately they say something about sexual slavery. In most cases, the victims fall in love with the abuse/ trafficker some get married to them or are just in a relationship; however, the reason the abuse engages the victims to commit sex work. The victims do this kind of job not willingly, but they are forced to or lied to do it. The victim can be any age and sex, but “seventy-nine percent of human trafficking victims are women and girls. Also, seventy-nine percent of the victims of trafficking end up in sex slavery” (“Sex trafficking and Sexual Facts”, 1). The most common sex trade victims are women and girls. Leaving the idea that “girls” are the most exploited sex and they eventually end up in the sex trade. “Seventy-nine percent” is the amount of women or girls that are being exploited and the rest are men, the women are most of the targets for sex slavery because it is easy for men to control…show more content…
Human trafficking and domestic violence are different, but they are connected. There are victims who have the two things human trafficking and domestic violence. Almost all women are lied to. It can be concluded that “human trafficking and domestic violence are international manifestations of power and control” (“Human trafficking and Domestic Violence”, 1). The abusers control the victims to overpower them and do things they want them to do. This is the first step to having the authority upon the victim. It is an “international manifestation”, meaning that every case is the same thing. When someone overpowers someone else they are unable to stand up and call for help. Now the victims who are now “survivors are often vulnerable to future incidences of domestic violence” (“Human trafficking and Domestic Violence”, 1). Victims have a low self-esteem and are helpless to self-regain and to have control for themselves. When someone goes through this type trauma, they really can’t stand up for their self. Leaving them helpless with other issues that include in self-esteem problems. They are really “vulnerable” mentally and physically, they have hope that doesn’t pass again and they blind themselves when the person they thought it was going to do something good really was the worst of all. There are connections between human trafficking and domestic violence is the “intimate partner violence is not asked for. Human

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