Argumentative Essay On Self Driving Cars

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Imagine a world where driving is different. A world where it involves barely or maybe even no effort at all. You would also be able to do other things at the same time, like eating, sleeping, reading, accessing social media, basically anything that you can do while in your car. Getting to places would be more efficient because traffic would move faster. And the best part is that driving would be safer; less crashes, both minor and major. If you think that all of these improvement could never happen, then you are wrong. They are very possible and they are very close to being a reality. Self-driving cars are cars that have programing that helps with driving to the point where they technically do not need a person behind the wheel. There…show more content…
In an article he wrote, he talks about why he never would ride in a self-driving car. He says that although he never drives and only gets rides from others, like a taxi, he still would never ride in a driverless car because the car does not have anything to lose if the car crashes, but people do so they are going to care about safety more [4]. The problem with looking at it that way it that he is expecting that having a reason to pay attention while driving it going to make the driver always pay attention and not make any mistakes, but they are just human. They are bound to make mistakes, for example, the fact that 90% of car accidents are caused by human just shows that humans are not perfect drivers no matter how much they have at stake. Also the car may not have anything to loss, but the company making the program that drives the car will. If the car that they make and sold to you, with a program installed that was designed to get you somewhere safely, were to get you hurt or killed that would make a large number of people question the companies technology. They do not want people to get injured and killed by their cars, for moral and marketing reasons, so they are going to be very sure that the car is safe before putting it on the market. Also people do not realize that the self-driving cars are getting put through more than just driving on normal…show more content…
It is estimated that we are only using 5% of the road and if we had 100% self-driving cars on the road the number will jump to 80% [3]. That is 16 times more efficient, which could translate to about 16 times faster traffic. The ride itself will be faster, but not sixteen times faster. This number is for traffic speed, such as at heavy traffic times. What the survey and the data show that people are not informed enough about self-driving cars. When people do not know all the facts, they cannot make a fair judgement on the topic. Also when in a situation without all the facts, things can get scary, like when a car is driving you somewhere and you do not know how it is driving or how it works. This fear or discomfort caused by lack of information is one of the causes of why people do not like self-driving

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