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San Francisco is changing drastically but should it change in the first place? According to the article by CQ Researcher they are unsure as well. Although the documentary San Francisco appeared very certain that the development and changes are ruining San Francisco. Does the view about these changes depend if they are a young “techie” or regular worker that has been living in San Francisco for twenty years with their family? Changes in San Francisco is a constant recurring event. There was the gold rush much later were hippies then the gay movement and finally now the technology advancements. San Francisco community such as Alexandra Pelosi wants San Francisco to finally stop changing. The question that is raised is, is progress worth…show more content…
She blames tech companies for raising rents and running out everyone but the rich out of San Francisco. She attempts to persuade everyone that San Francisco shouldn’t change and how the community is getting hurt. Her intended audience is the rest of the community and city leaders to convince them to stop this technology uproar in San Francisco. She appeals to the audience emotionally with sad tales about how the culture of San Francisco is changing. How the poor including the middle class are being driven out of San Francisco with all its artists, musicians, and…show more content…
The whole film was produced by Alexandra Pelosi which is a former speaker of the house’s daughter. She bashes how techies are destroying the community. Multiple companies have moved to San Francisco and have destroyed prior buildings that weren’t part of the new ideology of what progress is, It 's described also how the prices of everything is going up. A community member in the documentary SF 2.0 that a hamburger at a certain restaurant would cost 56 dollars. The price is incredibly high and too high for a typical worker to afford. Alexandra stresses how much the price of living has increased in San Francisco. There was a case that a woman was getting evicted because the rent was going to get tripled. Another man that bought a house was going to rent a 1400 square foot house for 10,000 dollars a month. This evidence shows how minimum wage isn’t cutting it to be able to live in San Francisco. In the video it was stated how the projects were getting closed down to build new upscale

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