Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Beth Lamb
English 1 Honors
Mrs. Turner
9 March 2014
The Right to Love
Mrs. Joyce Harris of P.F.L.A.G (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) received an invitation to a friends daughters wedding. She read about how it was a lesbian wedding. She felt very much anguish upon reading and realizing that there were people very important to the young woman that would not be attending because of this. Whether the opinion of a person stands because of religious standpoints or a simple disgust with the idea, the country is at a standstill due to same-sex marriage. Regardless of the reason for disagreement, both sides have very strong points that several can find reasonable. Same-sex couples should have the same privileges that heterosexual couples have.
Individuals involved in the debate of same-sex marriage all have very reasonable and valid points. A common point made by those who agree with same-sex marriage is that raising children in a home of loving same-sex parents would be more beneficial than those raised in homes full of abusive parents. As shown in figure 1, the child abuse rate is much higher in heterosexuals than in homosexuals.
Figure 1

Many people make the argument of taking the sacrality out of marriage by legalising same-sex marriage. along with the countries that still have arranged marriage, the divorce rates have doubled to 50% in 2010. To many people, that argument is an outrageous assumption of something that never was. If the juridical does decide to keep same-sex marriage illegal, would it not make sense to outlaw divorce also to keep marriage as sacred as people claim it is?
Along with the sacrality of marriage, as said before, many countries still have arranged marriages. On a religious standpoint, is...

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...arriage may have several good, reasonable points, the rights of homosexual couples should be increased. As shown in figure 3, the familiality and pleasantness of homosexual couples is much higher than those of heterosexuals.

Figure 3

The argument comes in when people say “marriage cannot and shall not be redefined”. What has marriage really developed into in the past years and who are we to tell someone they can’t get married to their partner? And if the government insists on refusing their rights, that about the couple where the wife is a punching bag for the husband? or only being allowed to marry based on social class? What about when the color of a persons skin mattered as it did for almost 200 years? maybe there should be a “partnership license”for a woman marrying for money or status. Marriage has been redefined hundreds of times before, so why not now?
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