Argumentative Essay On Radiation Therapy

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Having cancer isn’t something anyone plans for in their life, but with Radiation Therapists, can be looked at from a different perspective not only from the patient but also for their family. Sometimes radiation therapy, also known as radiation oncology, can be used as the cure for certain types of cancer but in some cases one form of cancer can be cured but can also cause many other problems to the patient.
Radiation therapy is a form of high energy radiation that is used to shrink tumors in a patient’s body. There are two major types of radiation therapy, which are, internal and external. Internal treatment consists of radioactive material that is placed inside the body near the cancer cell. This procedure is also called Brachytherapy. With external therapy, beams are emitted through an outside machine to go through the body. Radiation therapy is used on more than half of all cancer patients. Some of the reasons that patients with cancer will get this treatment would be to prevent cancer in the brain to spread throughout the body, which is also known as metastases. Other situations would be if the tumor was pushing on the spinal cord, if it the tumor is near the esophagus or if it might start to grow in with a bone. With almost every patient, surgery will also be done along with the radiation therapy to decrease some of the main causes from the particular cancer that the patient might be suffering from (National Cancer Institute, 2010).

Due to the fact that every patient is different, the National Cancer Institute, has shown the different ways the procedures are planned and what other machines and techniques are used to help treat the patients. One interesting thing that can help a doctor to find the exact spot of the tumor w...

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...nges occurred about ten months after diagnoses. In the next eight months, improvement was so remarkable that the patient was slowly taken off the anti- Parkinsonism medications. After the long 18 months, the patient was completely free of encephalopathy and Parkinsonism. This patient was the “first case of early-delayed radiation induced parkinsonism in the pediatric population” (Bernard, G. & Chouinard, S, 2009).
So, as shown in the case study, we can see that radiation therapy sometimes can hurt a patient instead of helping them. Mostly, this will not be the case but it can happen. Radiation therapy is very important to a cancer patient and hopefully will cure them from their life threating disease. In the end, any kind help can relieve the patient from either anxiety of having cancer or even just giving them a relaxing feeling of knowing they are getting help.
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