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One week ago I was watching a testimonial from a woman that was kidnapped and then sold into a sex trafficking ring for prostitution at the age of 16. While listening to her story I had an unsettling feeling and it was a reality check for me to hearing her story. Prostitution has not crossed my mind much but after hearing her story it really puts prostitution into the spotlight as the whole entire issue. Here I was watching a fairly young woman speak about her uneasy past with prostitution that she faced at the age of 16. After watching one testimonial about what came with prostitution it was enough but knowing the fact 79% (UNODC, 2014.) of human trafficking victims get sexual exploited is more than an issue. Prostitution is linked to the…show more content…
Hughes persuades me and furthered more onto the issue by explaining the fact of the matter is “by tolerating or legalizing prostitution, the state, at least passively, is contributing to the demand for victims.” (Hughes, D., 2004). When prostitution demands for more victims also known, as workers their will be a supplier to fill those demands and that is where trafficking takes a significant role in prostitution. In 2003, President George W. Bush said, “Prostitution and related activities, which are inherently harmful and dehumanizing, contribute to the phenomenon of trafficking in persons…” (Hughes, D., 2004) Hughes position could not have been more persuasive for me that human trafficking is complimentary to prostitution.

In The demand: Where Sex Trafficking Begins written by Donna M. Hughes a weakness in her style of writing and a crucial factor is that Hughes is very harsh when talking about men. When she talks about men she disgraces all of the men out there, even the men that do not support prostitution. “It is men who create the demand, and women and children who are the supply.” (Hughes, D., 267 2004). Understanding that men most likely do make up more than half of the demand for prostitution but there are women who support the

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