Argumentative Essay On Professionalism

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According to Merriam-Webster, professionalism is defined as “the skill, good judgement, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.” As I think about various occupations that I come in contact with in daily life, I cannot help but notice a declining level of professionalism. Whether it be restaurants, sports teams, or businesses, these all contain certain individuals who display a rather lackluster example of professionalism. There seems to be particular facets of professionalism in which people consistently fail. It is my desire to display a high level of professionalism in these specific areas as a student physical therapist in order to build a foundation of professional behavior that will follow me…show more content…
Whether it be honestly taking an exam or abiding by HIPPA regulations, a moral environment and mindset is necessary for a student in a doctor of physical therapy program. I have always placed significant value on high morals, which have been inspired and influenced by my faith. As a result, I have strong convictions and beliefs in making sure that I do things the right way. It seems that at times, people tend to respond with knee-jerk and emotional reactions instead of making rational, mature, and ethical decisions. During my time as an intern at an outpatient physical therapy clinic, I had the opportunity to really observe and learn about the ethical side of physical therapy, such as the proper time and place to discuss a patient’s affliction or treatment. As a future physical therapy student, I will apply the same principles and morals that have been instrumental in guiding me through my life thus…show more content…
A particular illustration of my level of commitment to my studies lies in my choice to sacrifice my collegiate basketball career in order to continue my ambitions of becoming a physical therapist. My sports schedule was preventing me from taking necessary classes and obtaining experience in the field of physical therapy. My commitment to being a successful student was far greater than my desire to change my career path to accommodate my basketball career. I feel that commitment is an abandoned concept in today’s society. In a world that thrives on mercurial trends, it is difficult to find people who are totally sold out and committed to achieving their goals. I have a strong desire to become a physical therapist, and I know that in order to achieve this dream, I will have to be completely committed to my studies and to the program in which I

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