Argumentative Essay On Poverty And Poverty

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In every society there is a upper, middle and lower class. Every child in America, regardless of class, is given an education from a public, private, or charter school. Children in the lower class or in poverty may not get the education they deserve because of their financial situation. Poverty plays a huge role in that child’s education. They might be distracted in class because of their family situation, they might not want to go to school out of embarrassment, or they might even drop out. Parents lose confidence in themselves because they feel that they cannot help their children. An analysis of education in connection with poverty shows that we as a country have to do so much more to help children in poverty and minority races, because…show more content…
Rights and Responsibilities is a principal that explains that we all have rights because we are made in God’s image, however we are responsible to make sure that everyone has these rights. To discuss this Pope Leo XIII states: Not less worthy of commendation is the generation of Catholics in this matter. We know how readily they supply what is needed for the maintenance of schools; not only those who are wealthy, but those also who are of slender means, and poor’ and it is beautiful to see how, often from the earning of their poverty, they willingly contribute to the education of children (Leo 1). How can we as a country fix this issue? According to the Huffington Post, a solution is to give children a school breakfast. School breakfast is “a federal entitlement for low income kids yet barely half of them receive it” (Shore 1). Shore states that changing school breakfast from being in the cafeteria, to the classroom will engage more children. Currently, in Michigan, many public schools have started to use the Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. This program gives breakfast to all children of low income families. This program has grown school breakfast participation which leads to more attendance in the classroom and a higher classroom performance (Shore 1-2). This change in federal funding will help more children attend school and give them the ability to focus in
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