Argumentative Essay On Poverty

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Around the world there are many families and individuals who live in poverty, and this is something that is growing like wild fire. Poverty knows no race or gender, but when looking at the statistics, it shows the inequality, and that many of those below the poverty line in America are children and those of non-Caucasian. Many also call poverty to be a threat to the common good, and that with many living in poverty, we as a species do not care only but for ourselves. The focus will be of how poverty has taken hold in society and how poverty is causing harm to the common good and the teachings of Jesus Christ. In America alone according to the US Census Bureau in 2013, the “federal poverty line is $11,892 for individuals and $23,836 for a family…show more content…
“Americans are harder working and more productive than ever, yet the rewards of that productivity flow into the pockets of fewer and fewer people (Ketteler, 2006).” This relates to the previous articles in that the wealth are becoming wealthier, while the poor are becoming poorer, and this is something that goes against everything the common good stands for and the teachings of the church for so many years. As we can see over and over again, people become greedy and selfish and only do what is in their best interest, and this goes against the teachings and the actions of Jesus Christ. Father Ketteler writes that Jesus chose the poverty life, to be close to those who are in need most. “Jesus lived out a preferential option in standing on the side of those most in need, physically and spiritually (Ketteler, 2006).” Father Ketteler finishes with saying that when we love one another, nobody is a burden and everything that is produced is shared equally among all men and women, “civilizations of love abandons a mentality in which the poor as individuals and as peoples are considered a burden, as irksome intruders trying to consume what others have produced (Ketteler,
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