Argumentative Essay On Pornography

Pornography: printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. Under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, pornography consisting of aged 18 or older consenting adults, is legal. Anyone with the access to a computer is four letters away from the ability to view pornography. Simply typing “porn” into a Google search bar will yield thousands of videos of illicit content, most of which will be free to view. The quality of these videos vary site by site, some are home videos of couple posting their exploits online to see, and some videos are full scale productions with plots and famous porn-stars who are…show more content…
IF viewed by a sexually immature adolescent, it can be harmful as it displays unrealistic standards for sex, improper to no contraception use and displays a relaxed attitude of casual sex and sex for pleasure. If pornography is the only sexual education a young person is receiving, it can be said that the young person is in trouble in terms of their sexual health. This, however, is not the fault of pornography itself. Pornography is a stimulating and arousing activity meant for sexual release. A child who views pornography is not interpreting it the same way an adult is and may perceive it as real where an adult would not. It is the fault of parents not monitoring internet use, having serious discussions with their children about sexual safety and the school systems health education program that these inconsistencies in what adolescents see and experience. With proper sex education, adolescents and even adults can make appropriate judgments of pornography for what it is, entertainment, rather than an education. This can lead into the idea of pornography itself causing sexual violence. With the evidence provided, it seems that pornography can create the implication that rape myths are true, victims should be blamed, and women are powerless, however it is the few that go beyond this and act upon these urges that are the problem. An average person has the required inhibitions to stop themselves from committing sexual violence, even if they have warped views of blame for the incident. The view that pornography perpetrates sexual crimes should not be the definitive perception as many functioning adults can consume pornography with out their lives being completely destroyed as those against pornography would have someone believe. As with all things, people will abuse and become addicted. It is not the item 's fault itself, but rather the amount, improper education and the individual

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