Argumentative Essay On Phobias

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Causal Argument Essay Phobias have been on the rise and are progressively becoming more and more common. A phobia is an extreme, irrational fear or an aversion to something. Phobias are on the rise and you basically can not meet someone who doesn’t claim that they have a phobia of one thing or another. Phobias are a result of when fear is connected to certain objects or people, like clowns. In most people phobias can be instilled by childhood nightmares linked to the object they’re afraid of or because of events attached to these objects Whether it be a phobia of something common, like spiders or something that others may not ever understand, like a phobia of kneecaps.There are an incredibly large amount of phobias that fall into different categories. There are many different levels of fear for people who experience phobias as well this can range from the fear experienced being just an annoyance to the fear being almost disabling for others. Phobias differ very much from person to person but the amount of fear experienced shouldn’t determine who suffers more. Phobias are so common because of genetic factors,the stigma of danger or uneasiness surrounding certain things, influence from a parent and can be caused by a traumatic or stressful event linked to the object someone is afraid of. The number of people who have been diagnosed with phobias and people who claim to have phobias is extremely high in the United States. In America an estimated 19 million people have a phobia that causes some level of difficulty in their lives. There are an estimated 323 people in the United States. If an estimated 19 million people in the United States have some type of phobia then that means about 5.88% percent of people have a phobia of s... ... middle of paper ... ...olution that could make these people’s phobias just disappear. Though, I do believe that there are ways that this epidemic can be helped. In our society we try to push people to have to deal with their own problems and many people tend to stay closed off from each other but i believe that if people with extreme phobias were made to feel more accepted by most people, they’d be able to open up and possibly get the treatment that is needed. This is why I believe that phobias are so common and have become such a rising epidemic in the United States. We are a very uneasy society to begin with and of course that makes us more susceptible to phobias. Phobias are common because of the influence that children may experience from their parents, genetics and phobias being passed down to future generations, as well as dangerous events or trauma being linked to certain objects.

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