Argumentative Essay On Phobia

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Causal Argument Essay Phobias have been on the rise and are progressively becoming more and more common. A phobia is an extreme, irrational fear or an aversion to something. Phobias are on the rise and you basically can not meet someone who doesn’t claim that they have a phobia of one thing or another. Phobias are a result of when fear is connected to certain objects or people, like clowns. In most people phobias can be instilled by childhood nightmares linked to the object they’re afraid of or because of events attached to these objects Whether it be a phobia of something common, like spiders or something that others may not ever understand, like a phobia of kneecaps.There are an incredibly large amount of phobias that fall into different categories. There are many different levels of fear for people who experience phobias as well this can range from the fear experienced being just an annoyance to the fear being almost disabling for others. Phobias differ very much from person to person but the amount of fear experienced shouldn’t determine who suffers more.…show more content…
If a child gets stung by a wasp it could potentially cause the child to develop a phobia of wasps, because the child will associate the sight of a wasp or bee with the pain they had felt from the bee sting. Most people have been bitten by a spider or felt some type of pain from an insect or even a bigger animal like a dog. Things as small a this can have lasting effects on certain people causing them to avoid bees,spiders,dogs or just whatever they associate the trauma from the experience with at all costs. Many human beings have a way of defense that is supposed to help us to recognize dangers to avoid harm but when things like spiders are recognized as an extreme threat it can make it hard to function like everyone else, because these small insects are all over the