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Nationalism has been within society since the dawn of time, with all nations doing what they can in order to prevent their nation from undergoing tyranny. While nationalism generally pertains to the origin of birth, it does not always apply. Numerous immigrants who seek new opportunities within other countries will soon express a form of nationalistic pride much stronger than those naturally born there. Pride for nationalism can also be taken as a form of protest in that not every aspect of every country we live in is perfect. Nationalistic beliefs are commonly thought to be the positive aspects of your country. Citizens who challenge and fight for a change within the landscape for the country are often considered unfaithful to their nation. Nationalism should be instead considered as a way to challenge for the betterment of the country through forms of protest, peaceful or otherwise. Peaceful protest amongst powerful figures of…show more content…
Pat Tillman is an incredibly successful college athlete and citizen of the United States who many aspired to be like. His patriotism and nationalism is obviously radiant through the character he expressed every day. Tillman is also one of the top college football players in the nation throughout his four year tenure at Arizona State University. During the NFL draft, he came to Arizona as a member of the Arizona Cardinals. However, his playing career is cut short when he enlists within the armed forces, shortly after the atrocious attacks on the twin towers located in New York City. Unfortunately, as a repercussion of fighting a dangerous battle in order to protect what he believes in he has to pay the ultimate price: his life. Pat Tillman gave a valuable level of insight into what the average citizen of a nation should aspire to be like in order to create a proud

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