Argumentative Essay On Organic Food

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Organic foods are sold around the world by local farmers in their communities. Many fresh produce merchants provide this type of food to their customers. Health care providers recommend organic foods because it is a natural source of nutrients without chemicals. Locally grown foods have many beneficial factors in different ways. Many people should change their eating lifestyle to organic foods because it is healthier, there are many benefits, and imported foods are hazardous.
Organic foods are healthier for the body. The places they come from are closer in range and take less time to get to the buyer, so the product contains more nutrients. Imported foods take a long time to get to the buyer so they lose a lot of their nutrients. “Locally grown foods have more nutritional value, also because they are fresher. Local foods have been grown in a 100 to 200 mile radius of where they are delivered. Other grocery store produce are shipped in trucks from very long distances and sit in warehouses and on grocery store shelves before hitting the buyers’ plate.” ( 1) When buying food from a store, it involves a lot of packaging which is not friendly for the environment. “Buying produce from a farmers market or from a farm itself is a no-frills process that involves less packaging; therefore, local food uses less packaging.” (Do Something 1) Organic foods actually taste better and are naturally ripened because they are not sprayed with chemicals or artificial hormones like imported foods. The foods that are imported are sprayed with chemicals or pesticides that alter the natural flavor of the food causing them to taste very different from organically grown foods. “Chemicals such as pesticides, antibiotics, and other...

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... Imported Foods 2 and 3) This can be very dangerous because of all the allergies that people have. Without proper nutrition labels, people do not know what is actually in the food they are eating which could be very dangerous for their health. It is very important for our FDA or other food agencies to check the imported foods from other countries. If people choose to buy food that is imported, they eat it at their own risk.
Organic foods are healthier for the body. These foods contain natural nutrients. They do not have artificial ingredients. There are many benefits that come from organic foods. It helps farmers and families. It also gives back to the community that is being bought from. Imported foods are very hazardous. Artificial ingredients are added that are harmful. Other countries import foods here and FDA does not check it at their factories.
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