Argumentative Essay On Obesity

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Obesity is an epidemic sweeping the nation, besides the United States, Mexico and India are facing the same challenges. According to the video “Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight”, the U.S. in 2002 states had reached a 35% obesity rate. This is compared to the 19% in 1991. Clearing this is a fast growing epidemic. Many people would assume becoming half a ton could not happen to them. However, with our obesity rates drastically increasing, clearly, it can easily become a reality. According to the “Energy Balance and Health Body Weight” video, people don’t die from obesity. Deaths occur from diseases caused by obesity. It is said, 70% of obese individuals have at least one disease-related issue caused by their weight. The issue that…show more content…
However, most importantly we have to be able to distinguish between hunger and appetite. I am sure everyone has all confused the two before. I am also certain this is was a primary influence for the folks in “Half Ton World”. Hunger is our physical need to eat and occurs every 4-6 hours. While appetite is our psychological desire to eat. Appetite can occur when you smell delicious food, the time of day, and through our eating habits. I fully recognize appetite control my life. It is extremely hard not to eat the brownies I see on the table or to not order popcorn I smell at the movie. I also know when I get home from school appetite kicks in. In all these cases, I am not hungry, but I desire to eat. For the people in “Half Ton World”, this strong controlling appetite added with other psychological issues such as loneliness is a trap. In some cases it easy for people to override satiety. I can understand this concept as well. For instance, some foods may only be made on a special occasion or on a certain day of the year. I am guilty of this around Christmas time. Many of the dishes made are only served on Christmas, as a result, I over indulge and push my satiety aside. This is because the food is so good and my mind is enjoying it too much to let me stomach take control. For those who feel so passionately about food, I can understand this feeling. However, it is important not to let this feeling take control of our everyday lives. If we push satiety aside and let appetite control our lives, it is certain obesity will occur. Besides recognizing appetite, assessing body weight will protect individuals against obesity. While BMI is noninvasive, it is a poor mechanism to test fat percentage. This is because it falsely distinguishes between fat in muscle. Fat fold test, waist measurements are more accurate methods of testing fat
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