Argumentative Essay On Obamacare

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Under the Obama Administration the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was enacted to reform the healthcare industry in America. The Affordable Care Act is government mandated healthcare that allows for low income individuals access to healthcare. Obamacare was enacted to reduce the uninsured rate of Americans by requiring insurance companies to insure all individuals regardless of pre-existing conditions or low credit. Without understanding of economics, universal government mandated healthcare seems like a good idea. However, the restrictions and costs that are caused by Obamacare ultimately destroys the economy and negatively affects doctors, American taxpayers, and businesses in America. Therefore, congress should pass legislation…show more content…
Politicians and news anchors spout nonsense about the human right to free healthcare for everyone. One such demagogue present in today’s liberal biased media is Bernie Sanders. His policy is in support of universal, government mandated, healthcare. He demands that he will “create a universal health care system guaranteeing health care to all people” (Medicare). Healthcare is not a right for anyone. To be a qualified doctor you must pass MED school and pass all the required tests and regulations to become a doctor. This includes over six years of commitment to MED school, and the desire to complete GMAT’s related to the medical field. (Blog). Doctors provide a service, therefore, to demand doctors to provide a service to individuals who simply cannot pay is fiscally irresponsible. It is not fair for doctors to incur the risk of student loans on MED School only to be not paid when they join the workforce. Universal healthcare in America strips the motivation for doctors to provide a service for hardworking Americans who have proper health insurance. Doctors are not paid because universal health care expands health insurance to individuals who make poor life choices, become unhealthy, and cannot afford the service that the doctors provide. It is no surprise that most doctors oppose Obamacare. Two thirds of doctors do not support Obamacare, as shown in a study of 20,000 doctors (Is it True?).…show more content…
America is in 19 trillion dollars in debt, yet government spending is not slowing down (U.S. National). To pay for universal health care you will need to tax the American people into oblivion. According to Data Decision America will need to come up with 562 billion dollars a year to pay for Universal Health Care (How Much). That is an absurd amount of money that the United States Government has to take from the American People. The government already spends 1.05 trillion dollars for health care in America (Federal Spending). It will be impossible for the government to budget such a program because at this moment the government only takes 3.3 trillion dollars in taxpayer money (US Government). This means to pay for universal health care, the government will need to allocate 44 percent of the budget for healthcare in America. With such an incredibly high debt in America, we can not afford to pay for such a program, it would be fiscally irresponsible to implement this

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