Argumentative Essay On Memory Loss

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On average, when an individual loses something of important value, like an arm or a leg, he or she knows exactly what is missing in their lives, however, if one experiences loss of memory, something much greater than memory is at stake (Kiper, 2015, p. 42). Similarly, many young adults have had experience with memory loss in his or her life, however, these incidents are often times very minor especially when it comes to losing his/her car keys, jewelry, phone, and/or a purse. Unfortunately, for individuals 65 years or older who suffer from abnormal memory lapses, he or she does not have the luxury of living a normal life with minor forgetfulness like many young adults do (Mace & Rabins, 2012, p. 15). In addition, in the United States around 40% of elders over the age of 65 have some type of memory problem ("Memory Loss ," n.d.). Thus, while an…show more content…
On average, an estimation of around 40% of elders over the age of 65 experience some form of memory loss or issues within the span of a year ("Memory Loss," n.d.). On the other hand, many individuals may also not be aware that he or she has a memory disorder and/or may just believe that they are experiencing common memory loss due to old age. Therefore, how does one determine whether or not memory loss is normal vs. abnormal? According to John Hart, Jr., M.D., professor at the University of Texas and medical science director at the Center for BrainHealth, some important questions to consider are (1) does the lack of memory disrupt ones’ daily life? (2) how often does an individual’s lack of memory occur? (3) what is being forgotten? and lastly, (4) are there any signs of confusion? (as cited in "FDA Consumer Health Information," 2010). Thus, if one experiences such issues within the span of his or her day to day life one should consult a doctor about the possibility of having abnormal memory
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