Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Cannabis, Marijuana, Mary Jane, Weed it has many names but the stigmas are all the same, all people that smoke are dumb, and they can’t do anything with their lives, their losers. Why do we have these stigmas? Are people educated enough to really know what cannabis does to people, the positives and the negatives? Or are they only focusing on the negatives and what people who are against it say? If people remove themselves from the stigmas cannabis has many positive influences in things like medicine, the economy, and even the environment. Medical marijuana is something that is fought about a lot by politicians in the last few years. People like to pick sides on the argument without realizing what that really means and how people even get a card. Medical marijuana is distributed at a dispensary. You cannot get medical marijuana at a dispensary without a medical marijuana card. In order to do so you must got to a doctor tell them your symptoms and get them to sign off on it. It was hard to do so and sometimes still can be, but luckily for people who need it there is now clinics you can go…show more content…
There are even more of state prisoners with 33,186. ( When that many people are in jail for drug charges in which the drug isn’t even that dangerous and a lot of them were using it medically there is a problem. It is even said that there is a decrease in homicide and assault linked to medical marijuana where that is legal. ( But the longer we keep putting them in jail and keeping them in jail the more of our tax dollars are used for that instead of going towards important things like our education systems. And most importantly their families are affected by them being in jail. Children are losing their children and mothers their sons. How many more christmases and birthdays must they miss even though they were trying to get rid of their pain by using this

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