Argumentative Essay On Mass Media

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Media is the main means of mass communications to society. As the “Information Age” advances, technology has influenced sources of communication and information, using social networks, newspapers, television, magazines, etc. Mass media advertising technique can be very manipulating and persuading to intrigue it’s viewers, mainly controlled by major businesses such as Walt Disney Companies, news corporations, Time Warner, CBS corporations, and Viacom ("Media Influence on Society,2009). The advertisements are used to lure people into buying items, advertise the latest trends, and how to become accepted by society. These forms of mass media captivate many people where violence is portrayed to be okay, how to be accepted by society, and how the “American dream” should be. An average American spends more time using mass media than doing any other activity while awake (Average Person Spends More Time Using Media than Anything Else, 2005). With the amount of Americans who have access to these forms of communication, many people begin to confuse fiction to reality.
Media is accessed almost everywhere, and as technology accessibility increases it will remain a very important source to society. We use media to watch sports, get the latest news and entertainment; but imagine if we didn't have these options. Do you think that people will act of view things the same? Without ways to inform society about global issues would people portray the world differently? Not only will our views change without media but also the perceptions on things might change. It has changed our public opinion of some matters due to the information on the news that we feel is a reliable source. It has made society lazier as you can get everything you need from the I...

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... Without media, the world would be entirely altered. We would collect our news in different ways, people would become independent on the perception of themselves. We don’t realize the influence of media because we have relied on it so much that it became almost second nature. Not everyone is influenced the way others are, but some of the information received naturally changes our perception of things. We’ve become so reliant on mass media that it controls a majority of our lives. It is our duty to make sure to not allow media to control our society by limiting what we portray to the public as acceptable. As a society individuals should be able to distinguish the separation of fictional behavior to reality. With availability and easy access of media, younger ignorant kids need to be informed that not all medias content are real, and need to be applied to their lives.
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