Argumentative Essay On Marine Pollution

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A family of three goes to the ocean to view the beautiful coral reefs every summer. The parents enjoy observing their daughter as she admires the coral reefs; it is a family tradition that they have participated in for years. As the daughter grows up, she wishes to continue with the family tradition with her own family, unfortunately she cannot because the coral reefs are almost all gone. Sadly, this story could be true in the future; about 20% of coral reefs are already gone and another 24% are potentially lost in this lifetime (“One Coral at a Time”). Due to oceanic pollution coral reefs, which are valuable resources, are being destroyed; as a result, coral reefs must be protected to prevent the loss of marine species’ habitat and food source…show more content…
Oceans are extremely important, especially since 72% of the Earth's surface is oceans (Frank 12). Not to mention all the other resources that they provide the world with. According to Mary Kate Frank, author of "Saving the World's Oceans", she says, "humans couldn't live on Earth without the ocean" (14). She goes on to say that oceans produce more than half of the Earth's oxygen and provides much of food (14). The oceans also regulate the climate, and gives energy in forms of wave, wind, and tidal power (14). In addition, the oceans contribute to the world's economy by holding more than 90% of world trade (14). "The ocean is the trading route for the planet", is what the NOAA says about the oceans connection to trade. By sea a bunch of different products are traded and collected amount of about $352 billion by U.S. GDP (NOAA). Moreover, Frank says that even though the oceans play an essential role in all these areas, "the most important things the waters offer . . . is their wealth of biodiversity" (14). According to Frank and scientists, "with nearly every deep-sea voyage, scientists find new species" and "as much as 95% of the ocean remains unexplored" (14). All this biodiversity, which some is yet to be discovered, is a key part for many studies and…show more content…
Coral reefs are considered by many the “medicine chests of the sea” (Coral Reefs Alliance). "This biodiversity [in the coral reefs] is considered key to finding new medicines for the 21st century", this quote is from the NOAA National Ocean Service, they believe that the variety of marine life contained in the coral reefs provide a bunch of opportunities for medical benefits. NOAA National Ocean Service goes on to mention, “many drugs are now being developed from coral reefs animals and plants as possible cures for cancer, arthritis, human bacterial infections, viruses, and other diseases.” Researchers and scientists are currently taking coral reefs as a helpful tool to develop medicine (NOAA National Ocean Service) (Coral Reefs
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