Argumentative Essay On Marijuana Vs Alcohol

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Marijuana vs. Alcohol
People are often quick to judge those that use marijuana, but do not judge those who use alcohol. With medical marijuana on the rise, people are using marijuana almost as much as people using alcohol. People argue the health risk of both marijuana and alcohol, but do people really know what the health risks and benefits are? Excessive use of alcohol is accountable for 88,000 U.S. fatalities each year from 2006 to 2010. The fatalities cost the budget $224 billion according to a report released on January 10, 2014 from the centers for disease control and preventions (Kroll, 2014). In a 2010 survey done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 17.4 million people living in the United States agreed that they had consumed marijuana within the past month. The National Institute on Drug Abuse argues marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug (Cox, 2012). Both drugs can affect health in indirect ways. Marijuana and alcohol differ in how they affect the body and mind, in their long- term effects and in the number of fatalities resulting from their consumption.
Marijuana affects both the body and the mind. Marijuana affects the cardiovascular system and relaxes the user’s nervous system. An increase in the blood pressure and heart rate is a factor with the use of marijuana. Marijuana can also impair balance and coordination which leads to the risk of hurting oneself (Brownstein, 2014). The national institute on drug abuse cited a survey that indicated 6.8 percent of drivers, beneath the age of 35 that was involved in traffic accidents verified positive for THC (Kroll, 2014). Marijuana is recognized to have addictive abilities and withdrawal symptoms when terminations of extended use (Kroll, 2014). Marijuana ...

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...5). If a person drinks on occasion it can be a benefit to a person’s health, but excessive drinking increases the risk of health issues such as liver disease, heart disorders, certain cancers and high blood pressure.
Ultimately the effects of marijuana and alcohol vary on each individual differently. The effects of marijuana and alcohol on one individual can be different for those effects that it has on another individual. There are different accountabilities that can hinder the effect of the substance between each individual. The person’s body tolerance to each of these substances can affect the effectiveness of these substances on the person that is consuming them. Both marijuana and alcohol can make a person react different and feel different, these products both have health risk when used. It is up to the individual user to use these substances reasonably.
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