Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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Marijuana war Marijuana has been used since ancient times. The Chinese were the first to mention about marijuana use as a medical purpose in 2737 BC. It was then spread to India, African then later on Europe. Along with tobacco and marijuana the British made a lot of profit from marijuana crop ever since the Spanish brought cannabis to the North and South America in 1545. In the 1890, marijuana crop was so profitable that some state grew more marijuana than cotton. It was in the 1920’s that marijuana is available in stores and club. Stores and clubs are allowed to have them because marijuana was not illegal and showed no evidence of it causing any physical effect to the user and others nor does it disturb the community. It is not until 1970 when marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug along with heroin and LSD;…show more content…
Marijuana also should not be as classified as schedule 1 drug because it cause no actually death and have many purpose for medical use, as Stephen Sidney, Associate Director for Clinical Research at Kaiser Permanente, claim “No acute lethal overdoses of cannabis are known, in contrast to several of its illegal (for example, cocaine) and legal (for example alcohol, aspirin, acetaminophen) counterparts.” An individual so be able to consume what they wish because it is their body not the government. Just like alcohol prohibition in 1920 the government have fail miserably on preventing usage of marijuana. The government is spending millions and millions of dollar to prevent marijuana usage and yet marijuana is very easy to get that even a teenager can buy marijuana illegally. Our tax money is being spent to prevent marijuana usage and yet it is still very easy to get marijuana. We should debate whether we are getting and spending our money’s worth or just throwing billions of tax dollars that can be used to fund more schools, services, military, hospital, and

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