Argumentative Essay On Marijuana

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Saraia Driver CC Comp Mrs. Johnson April 24, 2014 Marijuana The increase of marijuana use among teens and adults has risen substantially. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States and is slowly rising as more and more teens and adults start using the drug. According to the Health Service Administration, 7.3 percent of Americans over 12 reported using marijuana last year. Proponents of Marijuana want to legalize the plant for medical purposes, but opponents claim that weed is a dangerous, addictive gateway drug that poses significant health threats to users. While its not completely legal everywhere, teens and adults use it for many purposes, like medical purposes, the effect of the THC in the drug, to relieve stress, and because the opportunity presents itself. The most obvious reason why people use the drug is to get the high from the THC in the drug. There are many ways to use marijuana The most common is to smoke it in a joint, another way is for it to be cooked and a new method is by using a vaporizer. Marijuana is used socially during activities and occasions. People say that using the drug makes activities more enjoyable. The most noticeable effect is intensification of sensations and increased clarity of perception, which is the state that most marijuana users try to reach. It is believed to help people in all types of activities and relieve stress. Marijuana has been regarded as an effective stress and anxiety relieve, because of how the THC acts on the brain. Many users say that it lets them escape to a stress free zone. Scientist calls it self-medicating when people that suffer from excessive stress find relief in marijuana. Many users use the drug for its medical purposes, for pain relief, w... ... middle of paper ... ... campaigning to help make medical marijuana more accessible to people who need it from chronic pain. Data has also shown that the legalizations have opened up to many people to access the drug. So why do people crave marijuana knowing the consequences of the law and possible health problems. Because they think using marijuana is cool? To simple get a high from marijuana? To seriously relieve stress and pain that marijuana helps do? It defiantly depends on the user. Since marijuana is a huge debate it’s a phenomenon why people continue to use the drug. It’s apparent that some users simply fall into the drug because of peer pressure and the availability of the drug that’s presented to them. While there are other cases where in certain states it has been open for medical uses. Users are now considered patients and use the drug to relieve symptoms of chronic diseases.
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