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Lung Cancer Currently, the United States of America contain thousands of people who are battling with diseases every day. On a yearly basis, a family member does the unthinkable by putting a member of their family to rest. One disease that kills numerous people each year is lung cancer. To a majority of individuals, the thought of lung cancer is devastating while to others it causes confusion and a lack of understanding. Why? What is lung cancer? What causes lung cancer? These are common questions one faces after receiving a lung cancer prognosis. Luckily, there are organizations whose sole purpose is to decipher the disease, work on treatment, and conceivably one day a cure. Lung cancer claims the lives of countless people each year and to…show more content…
To fully interpret the two types of lung cancer, one needs to have an understanding of what cancer is. In science class most learn about biology and the fact that the human body consists of not only blood, bones, and organs, but also cells. It is these cells that cancer can form. Cancer develops when the cells develop abnormally forming tumors. Tumors appear in all areas of the human body. “The two types of lung cancer are small cell lung cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer” (Jones 1). In a recent article Jones explains both types of cancer and the inequality in growth rates. Jones states, “Small cell lung cancer is the least common only resulting in twelve percent of cases. Although it is less common, it is highly invasive” (1). One would presume that small cell lung cancer has a lower chance of recovery. Jones also states, “Non-small cell lung cancer is very common and is found in eighty-seven percent of cases, but has a lower growth rate” (1). For this reason, non-small cell lung cancer would escalate the chance of rehabilitation. Similarly, both these types of lung cancer, although equally vexatious can grow at different rates, ultimately giving the patient more or less time to overcome the…show more content…
The specific treatment required depends on the form of cancer, the health issues one might have in reaction to the treatment, and the progression of the illness. In a recent article, a doctor, and a registered nurse explain lung cancer and the types of treatments involved. The authors claim that, “There are four types of treatments used in the treatment of lung cancer, which include: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and surgery” (Slatore and Lareau 2). Chemotherapy involves the use of medications to fight the disease, whereas radiation therapy is the use of radiation or rays that are used to diminish the size of tumors. Targeted therapy is also a contemporary treatment which involves medication that targets tumor growth, where surgery is used to remove tumors completely. Although all of these treatments are effective, the type of therapy depends on what kind of cancer the patient

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