Argumentative Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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Marijuana or Not, is the Question Marijuana has been the subject of controversy for decades. The plant is classified as a drug, and considered an illegal drug, however, there are many medical uses for the marijuana. The drug become illegal in the United States in the early 20th century, but before that many doctors used marijuana to treat different symptoms. Marijuana has been a part of American history in many ways. In the early 1600’s, hemp was used as legal tender, and famers were orders by the government to grow marijuana. Hemp was also used to pay taxes. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson used to grow hemp on their plantations, the hemp was them made into products, such as; cloths, paper, canvas, and many other products’. In…show more content…
I want excellence in my life and may families, and do want the legalization of marijuana to impede that. I also am a human services major, and a prior police office. The law is very important to me, and Thought the war on drugs is a constant, I feel that we would being doing the people of American and in justice to legalize marijuana as a recreational drug. The second hand smoke from cigarettes is bad enough to deal with, I would not want my children or myself to be around those who choose to use marijuana in a public place, the chemicals in marijuana can cause damage to the developing frontal lobe in children. The frontal lobe is where are judgement and decisions take place. The legalization would also effect the community. If marijuana could be smoke liked cigarettes, people would walk around in a daze, this would affect employment and production. Integrity and honesty are very important to me. I am a role model to my children and what I do and say projects on to them. I also must be honest with myself, and I do not want to be under the influence of any drug, including marijuana.
Consistency is a very important in any category. I feel to have people listen to debate against drugs

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