Argumentative Essay On Legalization Of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana is a very conspicuous and debatable dispute in today’s society. Consumption has become a very popular habit among different generations. Marijuana is considered to be a harmful drug by individuals that are not acquainted with the herb; when, in fact, it can be a progressive solution to many situations. Legalizing marijuana would have positive consequences for not only “stoners” but also non-consumers. An uninformed society is blinded to see the positive uses marijuana is capable of; ignoring that legalization would be a good solution to many controversies that is argued in society today about the drug. The American government is obviously approaching this matter very poorly, because the profits of marijuana legalization would overshadow the disadvantages by far. And so, marijuana should be legalized because it can be used for medical purposes, it will boost the economy and because is not a lethal drug.
Initially, marijuana consumption has helpful features, such as its medicinal significance and its usage as a recreational drug with barely any side effects that can alter the human persona. The use of marijuana for medical issues has been proven to help patients alleviate a variety of serious illnesses. Doctors have agreed that marijuana is a much better remedy to many conditions. According to my sources, “marijuana provides relief from pain, nausea, spasticity, and other symptoms for many individuals who have not been treated successfully with conventional medications” (The top ten reasons marijuana should be legal). By that is meant that marijuana can cure or control conditions that legal medications have not been able to, proving that marijuana is, in fact, a positive outcome for society. Cannabis also h...

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...y today.
To conclude, it is clear that marijuana should be legalized because it does not cause any impairment to the person that chooses to consume it or to sell it. It would be beneficial to consumers suffering from different illnesses to use it for its medical strains. Marijuana can relieve or reduce pain, stress or exhaustion. Also, marijuana would help the country by being taxed and becoming a diverse agricultural crop; therefore, boosting the economy to help it with its growth. Last but not least, it should be legalized because is not a lethal drug causing any harm. Consuming marijuana is much safer than consuming any other drug such as alcohol and tobacco. Although some may oppose and hate the idea of cannabis being legalized in all of the United States, legalization would be a beautiful and wonderful thing for all the “potheads” and the non-potheads, as well.

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