Argumentative Essay On Internet Dating

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Why struggle in the real world when you can find your perfect match in a matter of five minutes? Online dating gives everyone a shot at love. No matter who you are or what you do, you can find your perfect match within a few minutes. Internet dating provides a chance at love for all people of all types. Online dating has set up some of the most successful relationships there are. It allows people who are not comfortable with dating in the real world. Dating on the internet helps people of older ages find companionship, people with autism find love interests, and helps online users find compatible people to match with.
Dating online has opened doors for people of older ages. It is a known fact that men and women of older ages have a hard time
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According to the website Analytictech, Homophily is the tendency of individuals to associate and bond with similar others. Internet dating has discovered homophily and has allowed internet users to find people similar to their personalities. Author Derek Blackwell explained, “Helping singles find the perfect match has become big business. The market is flooded with a seemingly endless list of resources, all claiming to have the elusive secret to relationship success” (Blackwell 2015). This proves that internet dating attracts a lot of people because they have access to meet different types of people who share the same interests with them. Some people often become discouraged when they go out into the real world and cannot find someone that they can relate to. The internet has helped to change that immediately. Within a matter of seconds, you can find someone who is exactly like you! You will not have to struggle with finding a love interest. In comparison to this, there are some things online dating users must also be aware of. Online dating can have some disadvantages too. Internet dating can be considered complicated and dangerous if people are not careful. While online dating can be exciting, you also have to be cautious of things such as fake identities and profiles, lack of spontaneity, and users being over critical. For example, the author
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