Argumentative Essay On Illegitimacy

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Illegitimacy is something people have avoided since the dawn of morality; whether they are avoiding being a fraud or becoming an unwed parent. They fear it so much that they instill that fear of illegitimacy into their children, and cause so much pain for children with circumstances like mine. They don’t even realize what kind of disadvantage that puts us in. Not one of us are alike, but we do have a system. There are two classes of illegitimate children, that the legitimate children cannot differentiate between. God knows the illegitimate see it though. I am what I am, but somehow not i’m not “me” enough. Illegitimacy breeds isolation, and in that, you can either find your calling or be destroyed. Believe it or not, i’ve noticed a parallel…show more content…
We few stuck here have a very unique position and ability. We see the best and worst of...well, the “best” and “worst.” We can pick and choose what we are, and how we are seen. Someone could write a literal textbook on this, and it would almost be like omnipotence for dummies. I can very clearly see situations and the logical solution, since I actively avoid being involved in any strife. I do my best to control a situation and resolve it in a positive way. I can only control what wants to be controlled, however. Illegitimacy breeds isolation, and somehow everything has become crystal clear for me. I know what I will be, and I will not be destroyed, or…show more content…
You can suddenly see every flaw in your work, your personality, your music, your face and body. You can see everything. It also, at the same time, relieves the colossal societal weight unfairly placed on your shoulders from birth. It allows you to change exactly how you need to and when you need to to survive. Illegitimacy and omnipotence is a strange and magical thing. Both breed isolation, but only one breeds failure. It is hard to say whether or not limbo is worth it or not. I guess it depends on if you’re the “super hero” type or

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