Argumentative Essay On Hospice Care

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Even though many dispute over the value and usefulness of treatment and care of terminally ill patients, the debate for the most useful care and pain reliever for these patients is the question that most patients, and their families, have to ask themselves daily. Wesley J. Smith suggests that Hospice care for patients with such a horrible illness is a beneficial program and that many patients need to utilize it. Smith also recommends that a valuable care option would be to “allow the terminally ill to enter hospice care without having to give up life-extending or curative treatments”. (Smith 3) With this statement, Smith demonstrates a way that these ill patients can be provided with treatment and also care for the patient’s quality of life.…show more content…
Hospice Care refers to the focus on quality of care and life rather than treatment and curative options for someone and their disease. This type of care includes not only the patient, but also their family and physician. Dame Cicely Saunders states, “You matter because of who you are. You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.” With this quote, Saunders reflects what Hospice believes in and their commitment, or duty, for the patient. Patients who are terminally ill can be considered as patients with cancer, diabetes, and many more diseases. Very few cancer patients have a type of cancer that has a known cure, and unlike those patients many other cancer patients possess a type of cancer that is curable today. Terminally ill patients have to choose between continuing treatment or being provided with Hospice Care. Both hope and Hospice means that the patient can have both the benefit from treatments, which give them hope that the disease could be cured or at least reduce the symptoms, and Hospice Care, which provides the patients with relieve of pain and…show more content…
Hope meaning the use of regular treatment with the patient’s physician. Comfort meaning the use of medications, relaxation, and happiness. For example, Smith also shows his opinion with stating, “If we really care about death with dignity, we will stop making dying patients choose between hope and comfort when they can easily — and affordably — have both.” Would changing regulations of Hospice Care more likely benefit the patient?Many people suggest that Hospice Care isn’t more beneficial than continuing treatment, due to the fact that it doesn’t stop or help lessen the disease. Denial of diagnostic tests, restrictions on being a part of experimental studies, and encouraging patients not to be hospitalized can be difficult regulations to accept and obey. Denial of diagnostic tests means that even though a physician might strongly suggest a test to be taken for results, Hospice most of the time disapproves because of the cost of the tests. Restrictions on experimental studies means that patients are not allowed to be a part of the experiment because such studies might extend the time left of the patient’s
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