Argumentative Essay On Honey Bees

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The Buzz As a society, we are aware of our current environmental issues, but as individuals, we do nothing to aid the process. We are knowledgeable about the problem in our ecosystem, such as pollution, lack of clean water, the ozone layer declining and deforestation but we just simply choose to ignore it. The media does a proficient job at illustrating the necessities that our environment is needed, but lacks on the smaller picture. As the general public, we don’t reflect on how insects, such as bees, play a massive role in our environment. For generations most of us have taken honey bees for granted. Most people probably didn 't even realize how dependent we are on the honey bees or how many crops they pollinate. About a hundred important crops are pollinated by honey bees that make up a third of the American diet, including apples, pears, almonds, and raspberries (SAVE THE BEES). Without them, major crops would cease to exist. Bees are crucial to our existence, thus we must work harder to protect and preserve them.…show more content…
This can cause many modifications to our environment, like causing flowers to bloom earlier or later than usual. When honey bees come out of hibernation, the flowers that provide the food they need to start the season have already bloomed. Another reason for the declining amount of bee’s is the pesticide use on farms (Why We Need Bees). Some toxic pesticides meant to kill pests, can harm the honey bees needed for pollination. Many pesticides are banned in other countries because they harm bees, but they can still be found in the United States legally. Parasites such as harmful mites are also the cause for the decreasing amount of this. Additionally, habitat loss brought about by development, abandoned farms, growing crops without leaving habitat for wildlife, and growing gardens with flowers that are not friendly to pollinators are another reason for the Colony Collapse
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