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Homeschooling Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society” (qtd. Haverluck). The debate on homeschooling is an issue everywhere. In Roosevelt’s quote, it is saying that a parent must teach their children in morals instead of in mind. Children should go to schools to get taught in mind, but at home parents should teach them in morals to make them good additions to society. The two different atmospheres should teach different things, school should teach knowledge while home should teach manners and respect. Home and school shouldn’t be combined resulting in a “menace to society.” The debate on homeschooling has two sides. Many see homeschooling as a way around children dealing…show more content…
One negative aspect of homeschooling is the cost. One family paying for all the supplies, textbooks, and electronics would be outrageously expensive unless they are enrolled and the public school provides it (Henriques). If the children go to a public school families still have to pay for lunch and extra supplies, but it is less cost than paying for everything altogether. Families that enroll their children in schools save money and help that school with the money they do have to send for lunches, clubs, or…show more content…
A lot of children learning at home deal with situations only at home as well. Children need to learn how to deal with certain situations that they could deal with throughout their life. Spending time with the parents at almost all times does not help with that. It does not help them learn how to react and interact with people individually or in groups (“Disadvantages of Homeschooling”). If parents send their children to public schools then the children learn how to deal with various situations away from home and on their own. Kids miss out on experiences they normally would have in public schools when they are homeschooled. After being ‘grown-ups’, people homeschooled early in life may feel remorse for the memories they missed out on (“Disadvantages of Homeschooling”). For instance, prom is a fond experience for many people. Teenagers that are homeschooled do not have those memories of their prom because they could not go. Kids need those memories to have with them throughout their

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