Argumentative Essay On Homeless In America

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Homelessness In America Who exactly is a homeless person? A homeless person is someone without permanent housing who could be living in the streets; or be staying in a shelter; abounded vehicle or building. There are more than 600,000 people in the United States which are homeless on a given night according to the government. There is exactly 610,042 homeless people in the United States. Who exactly are the homeless? Homeless to most of us would be inconceivable. Why is that, because we have no idea what it’s like to not have a home and have to move from one location to another? Homeless people have no address, and because they change locations and move from place to place, it makes it much harder to count them all. Many of them live on streets…show more content…
They are all very different from one another. Some are young some are old different types of races and families are homeless like Hispanics, Americans, Asians and African Americans. Most of the homeless slept in big cardboard boxes from appliances that came from washing machines and refrigerators. They would put the cardboard over a grate and the heat that came from below would help keep them warm. Others lived near garbage or they lived from the money which was given to them from the people that walk by or from turning in cans or bottles for some money. Some even donate blood to get some quick cash but only the ones who are disease ridden. Some of them are entrepreneurial. They take their uneaten food from shelters and try to sell it on the streets. They will try to sell anything to make a little bit of money, so that they have a meal to eat. Many of the homeless also have many different types of illnesses, like aids, Pneumonia, tuberculosis, malnutrition or dental problems, and infections. A lot of the homeless have trouble with their legs from all of the amount of standing and walking they do without getting any rest. Many haven’t had medical attention in a long time. Sometimes there are some homeless that suffer from drug and alcohol problems which leads them to other illnesses, such as liver disease and hepatitis. A few amount of homeless women have been raped before and could be pregnant. They just haven’t realized that they are. The longer someone is homeless, the more they start to deteriorate. Those who are homeless for many years, it causes their general health to deteriorate. They start lose touch with society. Their minds are set to search for food and shelter only. People have suggested that the homeless are homeless because they have mental problems. Even if someone were in perfect health when either he or she became homeless the despair and the fear and nonstop
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