Argumentative Essay On Going Green

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“Going Green” means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyle. It is a movement that many participate in to help improve the environment. Technology improves the “Going Green” movement since machines can help one save money, energy, and resources from being wasted (i.e. using hand dryers in replacement of having paper towels exchange periodically). There are many ways the society pursues “Going Green” such as going paperless, carpooling, and using solar panels. “Going Green” affects human behavior because it involves technological advancement, sometimes resulting in job loss. The start of technology in the American society is unknown. The society started…show more content…
Incomes have been lowered, due to a shortage of hours, and people are losing jobs. Technology is performing the work of human beings because it requires less work and it is more efficient to use machines than to use hands. According to the article, Technology Explains Drop in Manufacturing Jobs, Sherk says, “manufacturing employment has fallen by one-third over the past decade. In fact, technology has driven down manufacturing employment. Computers have made manufacturers more productive by automating many routine tasks. American manufacturers now employ fewer workers to produce more goods” (Sherk, 2010). One can understand that not as many people work today compared to the number of people that worked a few decades ago. When America use to be a manufacturing society, there was more work for people because people used machines or hands to do the work. Now, the evolution of technology is causing work supervisors to rely more on technology, and less on human labor. The goal is to help boost customer’s satisfaction in establishing an eco-friendly business environment (i.e. online coupons, machine food maker, do-it-yourself grocery checkout). According to the article Green Industry Analysis 2016 - Cost & Trends, Sena says, “green industry practices not only enjoy favorable public sentiment and the psychic income of a lower carbon footprint, but increased cost…show more content…
According to Aamodt, industrial-organizational psychology is a “branch of psychology that applies the principles of psychology to the workplace…to explain and enhance the effectiveness of human behavior and cognition” (Aamodt, 2007). Researchers are working with humans and evaluating each of them regarding what it is like being on the job and how they deal with the new changes of technology. The aspect of industrial-organizational psychology advises individuals to leave their current job and search for a new one due to technological advancement—if technology can do the work more prudently and faster than humans, there is no need to employ them or give a raise. This expresses the “Going Green” movement because Industrial Organizational Psychologists address how technology has an impact on one’s current job. Technology not only does the work for employees but it puts them at greater risk of losing their jobs or having a lowered income. “Going Green” involves the technological advancement in saving energy (i.e. solar panels, dryers), saving money (i.e. less paper, fewer workers) and saving natural resources (i.e. machines operating on making coal, oil, copper). However, the main negative effect of the “Going Green” movement has on human beings is job
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