Argumentative Essay On Global Warming

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Global Warming Global Warming is perhaps one of the most controversial topics currently known to man at this day in age. Human’s are constantly on alert for any potential “world-ending” catastrophes but the only seemingly possible one with reliable evidence is; Global Warming. Without evidence or proof, humans tend to believe any idea in general is non-existent/impossible, but with a meager amount of scientific proof, the world can indeed be alerted of the absolute truth behind global warming and the potential it has concerning our home, planet Earth. The main idea behind global warming is that the world may one day become so overly-polluted and corrupted by human contamination that nature will overthrow and demolish the human race on earth in order to restore balance and equilibrium to itself and all living species alike. However, with every great idea comes along with it major downsides and conflicts interfering with the basis upon which the idea rests. This creates struggle and tension and a much needed effort to keep order to maintain control and slowly rise to the needs of the problem that the idea upholds. In this case, the potential catastrophic effects global warming could have on our planet. Climate change is one of the most commonly noticed effect that is very obvious as it is happening right before our eyes. Although it…show more content…
A major one of much debate today is in concerns with deforestation, especially in the Amazon. Every second of our day, approximately 1 acre is being cut down of tropical forest. This is incredibly dangerous due to the fact the nearly ten percent of all carbon emissions on earth come from deforestation.. While that number is very large, there is also the emissions of every single car/automotive vehicle in the world, slowly but surely releasing more and more carbon every

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